Meet our New Business Manager

This month we announced the appointment of Matt Dunkin as our Business Manager. 

Matt is a former Director at Collabco.  He joins AspiraCloud in an operational capacity to lead our sales, business development and growth strategy, and brings with him 17 years’ experience in the digital transformation sector.  In his former role, he was part of the strategy team responsible for transitioning the business from a product provider to a SaaS business, and driving strategic growth ahead of equity investment.  Prior to this he was part of the senior management team at Salford Software, where he architected an industry-first identity, access management and Microsoft Office 365 implementation for an early adopter in the higher education sector.  In addition Matt brings both private and public sector experience including Legal and Healthcare technology integrations. 

AspiraCloud has experienced sustained month-on-month growth in 2020.  As we move into 2021, the year in which we celebrate our 10th Anniversary, we are keen to build on this fast-growth foundation and accelerate our expansion in the UK, US and beyond. We believe Matt will play a vital role in helping us achieve our ambitions.

We sat down with Matt to talk about his experience and vision for this new role at AspiraCloud, his views on the market and what the future holds.  Here are the highlights:

Welcome to the team Matt, what are your initial impressions of AspiraCloud?

There’s so much energy and excitement about where AspiraCloud is going and what it can be as an organisation. I’m really looking forward to being a part of it, and playing my role in establishing AspiraCloud as a leading digital transformation provider both in the UK and overseas. 

What attracted you to the role at AspiraCloud?

AspiraCloud offered me the chance to broaden the scope of my experience.  My role as business manager is more working on the business, rather than in it, and this offers me an exciting new challenge.  But if I am honest this was not my primary motivation.  What really attracted me to AspiraCloud was that it’s so customer focussed.  At every stage of my career what’s always got me out of bed in the morning is engaging with customers, understanding their challenges, being responsive to their needs, working hard to tackle their problems and helping them realise their ambitions.  AspiraCloud is a like-minded business. 

AspiraCloud works collaboratively with its customers, developing a vision for cloud-first transformation, implementing practical advice that makes a real difference, with a partnership approach for sustained innovation and excellence.  Every organisation in every market is trying to map out what the ‘new normal looks like, I believe AspiraCloud is in a unique positon to help them reimagine business models for long term success.  I am looking forward to being part of that even if my role is not front-facing.

Let’s talk about that a little more – what will the new normal look like, what lessons can business learn?

COVID-19 forced organisations of all shapes and sizes, in every market to pivot to remote working and learning environments.  Most have worked their way through the initial disruption and started adapting to the new environment.  In reality I don’t think we’ve arrived at the ‘new normal’ yet, or fully understand what it will look like, but we are now certainly moving from a reactive to proactive environment. 

As we move forward the digital advantage will become even more pronounced and the opportunities are massive for those that look to make improvements that will change their business model for the better.  Public and private sector organisations are looking to embed clear strategies of scalable and futureproof cloud-first technology investment in order to drive enhanced efficiency, increased productivity, and more fulfilling, collaborative and engaging remote working experiences for both employee and customer.

How can AspiraCloud help?

The events of 2020 have allowed businesses and education providers to consider the opportunities of digitisation and the revelation that technology innovation can unlock vast new potential.  But no two businesses, or no two schools interpret digitisation in the same way. 

They must work with a transformation partner that understands their needs and will take them on the right journey, working to their priorities and needs rather than shoe-horning them into an out-the-box package.  This is why AspiraCloud is so valued by its customers.  The great beauty of AspiraCloud is the diversity of its customer base and the collective learnings and experiences it brings to the table.   They know what truly value-driven transformation looks like. 

They also design for flexibility.  As a Microsoft Gold Cloud Platform and Cloud Productivity partner, they always have a line of sight firmly on emerging technologies and building futureproof solutions, they know what’s coming next and how next-generation Microsoft products can be integrated for even better outcomes.  

Finally, AspiraCloud is 10 years old next year what are its goals for 2021 and beyond?

AspiraCloud is a small, agile company and this is one of our strengths, we are nimble by design.  Our goals are to build on the momentum of growth experienced to date, to grow our market share and revenue.  We will do this by continuing to invest in our people and our customers. I recently read a quote which went ‘you can focus on adoption, retention, expansion, or advocacy; or you can focus on the customers’ desired outcome and get all of those things’.  The success of our customers is part of our DNA, and is without doubt the best possible testament of our success, it will remain the foundation of our growth strategy moving forward

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