Charity technology myth 7

Deborah Jepson

There’s nothing you can do about security 

Our latest blog series from guest writer, Nick Banks, Business Development Manager, Tech For Social Impact at Microsoft, is focussed on discussing the myths preventing your charity or not for profit organisation from adopting the cloud and enjoying the advantages it has to offer. This is our seventh post which uncovers the truth behind the common misconception that there is nothing you can personally do about security.

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Charity technology myth 7: There’s nothing you can personally do about security

False. Everyone at your charity plays a role in security.

Despite the growing number of cyber-attacks around the globe, the biggest threat to most organisations is its people. In fact, in 2021, a report from Verizon revealed that 85 percent of data breaches involved a human element, whether it was intentional or not.

Just a single mouse click could an introduce a potentially devastating breach on your data. Are you prepared for that? 

Using the security features offered by Microsoft Cloud, you can protect your charity from human error to create and apply a consistent set of security settings. You can even reduce your charity’s risk profile across personal devices that employees and volunteers use for your projects.

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Hopefully, this article has helped dispel the charity technology myth 7 that there is nothing you can do personally regarding security.

We’ve already helped numerous charities cost effectively move to a secure cloud environment and deploy secure working from any device in any location. Contact us today to find out more.