Charity technology myth 10

Deborah Jepson

New technology will eliminate jobs 

This compelling blog series is focussed on dispelling the myths stopping This blog series is focussed on uncovering the myths preventing your charity or not for profit organisation from adopting the cloud and enjoying the advantages it has to offer. This is the tenth and final post in this series from guest writer, Nick Banks, Business Development Manager, Tech For Social Impact at Microsoft, where he takes a look at the common misconception that adopting new technology will incur job losses within your charity.

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Charity technology myth 10: New technology will eliminate jobs 

Fact: Cloud technology and automation will reduce the amount of manual work which currently burdens your staff – but will not reduce the number of staff. With automation, your employees can become more productive; focussed on tasks that only people can do, and do more in the limited working hours they have – such as working on more valuable projects and helping your fundraisers and volunteers.

Charity technology myth 10

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Hopefully, this article has helped dispel the charity technology myth 10 that new technology will eliminate jobs.

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