Microsoft licensing made simple.

Managing the complexities of Microsoft licensing

Microsoft licensing can be a minefield for many. Selecting the right type of licence for your organisation, the right quantity of licences, at the best price Рpotentially with a limited budget Рcan be a stressful and complicated experience. 

How we help with Microsoft licensing

We are a Microsoft Gold partner with four gold competencies and two silver competencies. We are also a Microsoft Cloud Solutions Provider (CSP) which means we can provide you with a whole range of licensing services without having to go through a large reseller.

We understand Microsoft. We understand the cloud and we buy direct through our Microsoft distributor to ensure you always get the best price.

Our licensing specialists will take the time to understand what is needed to optimise your licence requirements. We will assess your existing licence provision and ensure you have the right licences for the right software. We can recommend and purchase new licences on your behalf, effectively streamlining the procurement and licence management process. So you can focus on other important work knowing you are covered.

IT Solutions
An end-to-end service 

We help businesses, charities, schools, law firms, not for profits and many other organisations assess, procure and manage their Microsoft licence agreements to support their journey to the cloud.

  • Review your current licensing situation
  • Evaluate the licensing models that best fit your organisation
  • Help you with your Microsoft NFP application for funding
  • Negotiate and purchase additional licences at the best price
  • Keep on top of your licensing agreements to maintain compliance
  • Plan your move to the cloud
Microsoft licences we offer

While there are many licensing options to suit both large and small organisations, we typically procure the following Microsoft licensing agreements:

  • Enterprise: Microsoft 365 and Office 365 for organisations over 300 users
  • SMB: Microsoft 365 Business Premium, Microsoft 365 Business Standard, and Microsoft 365 Business Basic for smaller organisations up to 300 users
  • Education: CSP and Enterprise Agreements with our trusted partner
  • Not for Profit: SMB grants for organisations up to 300 users and Enterprise grants for larger charities
Why choose AspiraCloud for your Licensing

Easy Licensing

Our licensing experts will find the best package for your organisation.

Technical Support

We will manage and monitor your licensing so you remain compliant.

Discounted Pricing

We can help you take advantage of licensing offers and discounts available from Microsoft.

Monthly Billing

Access automatic, regular billing so there are no last minute surprises for your organisation.

Pay for What You Use

We can also license eligible Microsoft products on a monthly basis on your behalf, so you only pay for what you use.


Who we are working with


Want to look into your licensing? Talk to one of our Microsoft Software licensing experts and find the best licensing scheme for your needs.