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Law Centres Network

National Legal advice centre adopts Azure Information Protection to secure their documents and protect clients.

To improve document and communication security, this NFP legal advice service adopts Azure Information Protection from Microsoft.

For the Law Centres Network, it is an important aspect of their work with vulnerable people to make sure the data they hold is secure and managed within strict guidelines. It would not be unusual for a case managed by one of the law centres to involve highly sensitive personal information on a client that needs to be shared securely within the organisation or with other relevant external agencies.

The Law Centres Network is a UK based, national not-for-profit organisation that defends the legal rights of people in our communities who cannot afford a lawyer. They use specialist knowledge to help people save their homes, keep their jobs and protect their families.

Law Centres offer legal advice, casework and representation to individuals and groups. Spotting local trends and issues in the course of their work, they highlight them to bring about necessary policy changes and to prevent future problems.

All Law Centres are independent and operate on a not-for-profit basis. They are also accountable to their communities, with local people acting on their management committees. The Law Centres Network is the national governing body overseeing the work of the centres.

During 2017/18, the Law Centres Network embarked on an ongoing national IT project to provide modern devices and Office 365 to all users. The project involves adopting a common email and communications platform using Exchange Online and a customised Intranet portal hosted on SharePoint. This project has already enabled many of the law centres to remove old on premises server equipment and make use of new technology. As standard, all users are licensed with Office 365 Enterprise E3 and the Enterprise, Mobility + Security Suite. Devices are managed centrally using Intune and technical support for the cloud is provided by Microsoft Gold Partner, AspiraCloud Limited based in Coventry.

How AspiraCloud Helped

In order to implement AIP, the Law Centres needed to decide how best to classify documents and emails so that the system was simple to use and required very little training. It was important with the incoming GDPR requirements to make sure that the solution included the ability to mark items containing sensitive or personal information and apply the right set of permissions to manage that content.

AspiraCloud already had some understanding of the centre’s work from the initial migration of mail and documentation from on premises servers to the cloud. Within a few short workshop sessions, the centres were able to decide a common labelling and rights managements process that would work for all users.

With the added benefit of all devices being managed via Intune on Azure, the necessary software was distributed to over 100 devices in multiple locations within less that a couple of hours.


With Azure Information Protection in place, the law centres can be sure that documents and emails relating to their clients and the most vulnerable in society are managed properly within the organisation and securely when shared externally. With this solution in place, everyone can rest easy knowing clients are being helped and the data remains safe.


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