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What is Microsoft Power BI?

Microsoft Power BI is a low-code/no-code interactive business analytics solution.

It offers a powerful suite of business intelligence (BI) reporting, and data visualisation products to visualise your organisation’s data and share valuable insights to make smarter business decisions.

Power BI converts data from different sources, such as Excel, SQL Server, and cloud-based sources such as Salesforce, to build interactive dashboards and business intelligence reports to support real time, data driven decision making.

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Does my organisation need Microsoft Power BI?

If you are looking to access business insights quickly – then Microsoft Power BI is for you. Available free as part of the Microsoft 365 suite, it is easy to set up and includes dashboards for third party services such as Salesforce, Google Analytics, and Microsoft Dynamics to maximise the value of your data.

Dashboards are updated in real time, as data is pushed or streamed in, which enables users to rapidly solve problems and identify opportunities. Analysts can easily upload share reports to the Power BI service and as the data as is refreshed whenever the underlying dataset is updated, the results and visuals remain up to date at all time.

Strategically transform your business with Power BI & AspiraCloud

Access volumes of data

From multiple sources to build compelling reports that drive business value.

Turn your data into immediate impact

Create rich, interactive reports with visual analytics, charts & graphs and maintain a data-driven culture.

Easily share business insights

Securely share reports with others using the Power BI service.

Better decision making

Armed with meaningful insights, users can forecast confidently.

Customised security features

Set up row-level security access filters to ensure viewers only see data relevant to them, mitigating the risk of seeing data they shouldn’t.

Access real-time information

Dashboards update in real time, giving users the ability to solve problems and identify opportunities quickly.

Easy to deploy

Get insights quickly with an uncomplicated setup and no required training.


How AspiraCloud can help you with Power BI

Transform and model your data

We can implement, customise and configure Power BI to meet your specific business needs. We can even ensure users only see data relevant to them, mitigating the risk of people accessing data they should not.

Power BI training and support

Our training courses can help maximise the use of this business intelligence solution and maintain productive decision-making capabilities across your organisation.

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"We’re creating management team dashboards in Power BI and extending it to all users so they can create their own customised KPI views. This immediate insight was something we couldn’t have dreamt of before."

Operations Director, Howell Jones

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