Microsoft Teams for Education

A modern teaching and learning environment.

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Bring everyone together in one digital classroom

With Microsoft Teams, teachers can engage with students with live class sessions, host virtual learning webinars with unlimited pupils, create collaborative classrooms and offer exciting, interactive learning activities, from any device, in any location. With a range of capabilities including text and voice chat, calendars, assignments, quizzes, and more, teachers can bring the classroom into the modern age making learning more interactive and fun.

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Connect beyond the classroom

Features found in Microsoft Teams are not just limited to classroom collaboration. Built-in professional learning communities (PLC) notebooks enable sharing and communication between peers, enabling staff to collaborate more easily than ever before.

Microsoft Teams can swiftly bring together a group of teachers or staff to work together and with conversations within Teams, where they can share ideas on the go, from any location on any device.

Dedicate more time to your students with these popular features from Teams

School Data Sync

Automatically populate classes with student timetables connected to your school’s information system.

OneNote Class Notebooks

Built into every class, so teachers can create interactive lessons and deliver personalised learning.

Assignment Management

Enable teachers to move quickly and effortlessly from creation and distribution to marking and feedback.

Customised Teaching & Learning

Seamless integration with Office applications such as Word, PowerPoint and Excel, SharePoint for document storage, Flow, Stream for video, Forms for surveys and more.


Why use Microsoft Teams for Education

Benefits of Microsoft Teams for students

• Easily upload assignments and work in one place
• Arrange additional help and support when needed
• Collaborate with other students on projects and homework
• Simple and easy to use
• Stay connected with chat, channel conversations, and meetings
• Safe and secure working environment and file storage

Benefits of Microsoft Teams for teachers

• Stream Teams Live events, lectures, and lessons to entire class
• Monitor student performance using Insights to improve outcomes
• Offer personalised learning based on insights about student needs
• Create and store resources with OneNote, share session recordings and relevant material
• Create meaningful assignments, provide guidance and share feedback
• Organise and track class assignments and grades

Benefits of Microsoft Teams for IT

• Enterprise-level security and compliance features
• Easily manage policies and help ensure student safety using Insights to improve outcomes
• Specify user permissions to gain even greater controls

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"With the support of AspiraCloud, we've implemented Microsoft Teams to drive communication between staff.  From a strategic leader to lunchtime supervisor, everyone can access and use Teams to swiftly communicate and collaborate."

David Waites, Executive Headteacher, Vision Multi Academy Trust

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