Cost effective Cloud solutions and IT services for charities and Not for Profit organisations.

Helping the helpers with Cloud

AspiraCloud works with charities, trusts, foundations, public service providers, social enterprises, care homes, legal firms and non-profit organisations, to enhance the quality of their IT services in order to support society and those less fortunate or vulnerable.

Already working with heavily regulated charities and Not For Profit organisations, AspiraCloud understands the need to spend every pound wisely. Combined with our technical knowledge and cloud expertise, we recognise the significant benefits the Microsoft 365 platform can offer these organisations to create a secure and modern workplace.

Our team has a proven track record of delivering tailored, cost effective and compliant Microsoft cloud solutions, managed services, technology and devices to charities and Not For Profit organisations that deliver both excellence in service and value for money.

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How we help Charities

IT is vital for charities and Not For Profit (NFP) organisations to function safely, securely and reliably. Yet these organisations are faced with increasing pressures to deliver first-rate service levels with limited budgets.

Cloud solutions and services can bring huge benefits, but security and trust – as well as cost, are major concerns. However, our company philosophy is focussed on helping charities work more effectively while ensuring budgets are spent wisely.

AspiraCloud has the skill set and knowledge to act as your single supplier for all your IT needs, which can help keep costs down. We work with best in class cloud services featuring the latest Microsoft 365 solutions to optimise existing technology, enhance IT governance and create a secure and modern IT experience for donors, volunteers, staff and customers.

From cloud migration and security, to secure document handling and records management, we offer the latest cloud services and solutions, devices, licensing and upgrades, including Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Teams and other Microsoft technologies, at the best rates, so you can truly do more, even with limited resources.

The Microsoft NFP scheme

Take advantage of our Solutions partnership status with Microsoft to access the latest technology at the lowest rates, while boosting productivity and security for employees and volunteers.

AspiraCloud can help you make the best use of the Microsoft NFP scheme so that you can do much more for less during these challenging times.

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Microsoft Solutions Partner

Strategically transform your approach to IT with AspiraCloud


Our team of cloud consultants can provide reliable, independent advice to drive your IT strategy and modernise your IT environment. As your trusted advisor, we ensure any technological investment is financially justifiable so you only adopt the best value-for-money solutions to future proof your investment in Microsoft cloud technologies.

IT Support

Remote IT support from our expert service desk engineers can help reduce costs and management overheads, while improving reliability to keep your charity or NFP organisation IT fully operational.

Endpoint Management

Enable staff to use their personal devices at work, including mobile phones, tablets, and laptops. We can manage both organisation-owned and personal devices to ensure your data stays protected and all devices and apps remain compliant with your security requirements and regulations.


Working with a number of leading technology partners, including Microsoft, Dell and HP, we can recommend and source the best devices at the best price. We can also manage the bulk deployment, setup and configuration of all new Windows 10 devices to ensure they're secure, compliant and ready for use across your organisation.

Teams Phone

With many Charities adopting Microsoft Teams as their preferred collaboration platform for file sharing and records management, we can now help you use it for telephony and provide a seamless communications experience while significantly reducing call costs. With budget always at front of mind, Teams Telephony is a cost effective solution for charities and NFP organisations.

Licence Management

We help Charities manage their software assets to ensure all licencing requirements and third party warranties are appropriately and adequately catered for. By taking advantage of volume licenses and special deals, you can control your IT budget, while maintaining compliance.


Why Us?

Take a look at our latest success stories to discover how we have already helped many charities and not for profit organisations improve collaboration, security and productivity with the cloud.

A trusted partner

We're a trusted technology partner to several charities, trusts, care homes, law firms and other Not for Profit organisations.

Industry expertise

We support over 40 Charities achieve more with the Cloud.

"We've experienced lots of change recently, including new starters, new broadband and delivering new services, requiring lots of help from you. Tom Ryan has been absolutely amazing, and Mariska has been excellent too. Thank you so much for everything you all do to keep us going!"

Karen Woodside, Business Support Co-ordinator, Merseyside Law Centre

Who we are working with


Talk to us about cloud migration, records management, cloud security and endpoint management for your charity or Not For Profit organisation.