Device buying season for schools & colleges

Adrian Edgar

So what’s hot and affordable right now?

It is that wonderful and exciting time of year again when the latest, most fashionable and practical devices are made available for your delight and consideration. Their entrance was perhaps a little delayed this season, as BETT 2022 was pushed out to March, but let us take a promenade and see what excellent offers and opportunities we can find regarding device buying for schools as you prepare to place your orders and secure your deals for the autumn term.

There has been a steady flow of device enquiries made though our office and many invitations to take part in demo or pre-sales trials have been graciously received by many of the fine people in the know. 

Much has been made of the range of affordable devices now available both from Microsoft and other OEMB providers, such as Dell Education. Whilst the spring blossom is beginning to bloom and mark the most excellent start to the season, there is much to be said in close quarters about the deals available at the moment and I feel only too willing to shout them from the pages of my latest digest.

Affordable devices

Although very much a feature of last season, we find the reintroduction of affordable devices from the likes of Dell making an entrance on the scene again this summer.  Some may see these devices as a simple return in order to promenade once more, but let us not forget what an impact these devices had last season. Allowing schools to find affordable, robust devices at the height of the pandemic happily facilitated a return to some excellent online teaching and learning for all.

Now these devices have obviously taken time to consider the latest high fashions before taking a stroll on to the circuit and in particular our attention was drawn to the Dell Latitude 3120 2-in-1 and the Lenovo 300w Gen 3, both resplendent in their Windows 11 SE finery.

The former being an 11.6 inch convertible laptop with 360 degree hinge, pro touch and high impact resistance, this device is ready to dance until it drops.  And when it does, you can be sure of its robust constitution and high scratch resistance to see it make an outing once more at the next season’s event. This laptop is built school-yard tough, it’s been hinge cycled, drop tested and comes with pick resistant keys.

The latter sees a third generation of the same touch smart device and it too benefits from a robust constitution and a relaunch in to Windows 11 SE.

This state-of-the-art learning tool also boasts a processor packed with unparalleled power and speed to keep up with today’s brightest minds.

This season’s device diamond

The belle of the ball this season has to be the Surface Laptop SE for Education. This delight has been pitched fair and square in the affordable device range as very much a compete for the Google Chrome Book.  It has always been a concern in many arenas that whilst the latter may suggest affordability, there is slight change of any future employer expecting one’s staff to be efficient in using this device rather that a Microsoft Windows Device.  

The Microsoft Surface range has always required one to select the right device both in terms of functionality and cost and is quite clearly a premium device in the Education space, but now the Surface Laptop SE has arrived to turn heads and attract suiters who may want that well know Surface quality feel without the premium price tag.

Starting at just £250 including VAT, the Laptop Surface SE for Education has really started to turn heads amongst school leaders looking for great quality devices to unlock learning and encourage new schools in our younger learners. The Surface Laptop SE brings value and quality to schools together with a simplified deployment, management and security offering made available through Endpoint Manager.

With options for an affordable extended warranty on the Surface Laptop SE starting at a mere £50 and the ability to protect your devices against accidental damage and mechanical failure, you rest assured dearest reader that you are covered for many of the rigours this season has to offer.

You are sure to want to know more about device buying and the great offers available to you and secure your own invitation to the ball. This author is here to inform you that all this can yours by simply completing the contact us page or indeed take the time to write by return addressing your correspondence to