Charity technology myth 4

Deborah Jepson

Everyone needs an internet connection to use the apps in the cloud 

Our latest blog series considers ten myths that could prevent your charity or not for profit organisation from adopting the cloud and enjoying the advantages it has to offer. Our fourth post in this series is from guest writer, Nick Banks, Business Development Manager, Tech For Social Impact at Microsoft, who reveals the truth behind the misconception that everyone needs an internet connection in order to work successfully in the cloud

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Charity technology myth 4: Everyone needs an internet connection

False: You do not need an internet connection to use the apps in the Microsoft cloud.

Microsoft 365 is a cloud-based solution that includes downloadable desktop versions of all the Office apps. This enables your staff to download the desktop versions of all the Office applications they need, on any Windows, Mac, iOS, or Android device, where they can work securely, whether online or offline, using tools that are always up to date.

At times and locations when your staff or volunteers do not have access to Wi-Fi, they can work offline on documents, read and respond to stored emails, and even review and set calendar appointments on their mobile device. As soon as their device reconnects to the internet, emails are sent automatically, calendars are updated, and the latest version of documents are uploaded to OneDrive. Employees are back working in real time and have instant access to the most up-to-date version of documents.

Combined with integrated, end-to-end security, compliance, and identity solutions, Microsoft 365 Business Premium helps ensure that your data and donor information remain protected across all devices.

Charity technology myth 4

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Hopefully, this article has helped dispel the charity technology myth 4 that everyone does not need an internet connection to use the applications in the Microsoft cloud.

As a key Microsoft partner already supporting many not for profit and charitable organisations, AspiraCloud can help you confidently kickstart your cloud journey today. Get in touch to discover more. And don’t forget to look out for our next blog discussing the next myth!