AspiraCloud becomes registered SalamanderSoft partner

Deborah Jepson

Automated user accounts management simplifies school provisioning processes for our education customers

AspiraCloud is delighted to be accredited as an official Registered Partner with SalamanderSoft.

This new partnership will enable us to easily integrate our education customers’ Management Information Systems (MIS) into Microsoft 365.

Whether individual schools, Multi Academy Trusts, local authorities and other groups of schools, the Salamander for Partners system improves the provisioning and lifecycle of their accounts, groups, permissions and more from their MIS with Microsoft 365.

How the Salamander for Partners system works

The SalamanderSoft solution connects your MIS to Microsoft 365 and other services. It takes data from your MIS, and uses it to provision and and manage user accounts, groups and Teams automatically from your MIS into Microsoft 365. Every day.

It works with many well-known education MIS systems, including Arbor, Bromcom, IRIS Ed:Gen, ISAMS, PupilAsset, ScholarPack, SchoolPod, and SIMS.

Benefits of the Salamander for Partners system

This automated solution will enable us to improve onboarding and provisioning processes for our education customers.

Any changes made to the MIS are automatically reflected in Microsoft 365. Be it joiners, movers or leavers, from both the staff and student population, the Salamander for Partners solution creates or deletes user names, passwords and emails in Microsoft 365. It also automatically creates and updates Teams and email Groups, as well as delete classes and synchronise timetables, photos and all other data.

Changes can be applied every evening or on demand, so your school can remain confident that users are created and deactivated in line with start and end dates from within your MIS, timetables are synced with Outlook, and Microsoft Teams classes are always up to date.

Comments Adrian Edgar, Managing Director at AspiraCloud: “We are thrilled to be awarded a Registered Partner status from SalamanderSoft. The ability to automate onboarding and user provisioning from our education customers’ MIS into Microsoft 365, powered by SalamanderSoft, will dramatically save time, ensuring both staff and students have quick and easy access to the relevant resources they need for teaching and learning on a daily basis.”

“By streamlining user management tasks, we can effortlessly manage users for all of our education customers. This simplifies the onboarding and provisioning processes and with an up to date view of all users, the risk of old accounts on the network is reduced and in turn, schools can save on unused licence costs.”

Who are SalamanderSoft?

Since 2007, SalamanderSoft has developed bespoke integration services for education. Working with over 2.8 million users in more than 3,800 schools worldwide. SalamanderSoft integrates school data systems, such as Arbor, IRIS Ed:Gen and SIMS, with automated user and group management to ensure teachers and students always have access to the tools they need to work seamlessly online.

If you would like to learn how your school can introduce automated user provisioning into your education environment with SalamanderSoft, simply contact us.