Cyber Essentials Certification

Deborah Jepson

Demonstrating our commitment to cyber security

Your systems, networks, data, devices, and people are your most valuable digital assets and your most vulnerable targets. Just one single security breach could lead to exposing the personal information of millions of people. As your hybrid or cloud environment evolves, IT security is an essential defence to protect your organisation from the risk of phishing schemes, hacking, ransomware attacks, identity theft, data breaches, and financial losses. This is why AspiraCloud is Cyber Essentials certified.

What is Cyber Essentials?

Cyber Essentials is a government backed scheme managed through the National Cyber Security Centre. To achieve certification, an organisation is assessed against 5 key security controls which are verified by a qualified assessor before the certification is issued.

This certification gives us peace of mind that we are prepared and protected against the majority of common cyber-attacks.

A proactive position against cyber-attacks

Holding a Cyber Essentials certification demonstrates our commitment to cyber security and data protection. Working with schools, MATs, charities and other businesses, this certification offers peace of mind to our customers, partners, suppliers and other organisations who we are connected with, that we have taken the essential precautions to protect both our data and their data against cyber threats. And we know that hackers typically seek out targets who do not have the Cyber Essentials technical controls in place.

This industry recognised cyber security accreditation also helps our customers build their own cyber resilience through effective security controls.

No matter the size of organisation, more and more of us are likely to become a potential target of a security breach. With over 8 billion reported record breaches during 2023, IT security remains critically important. This scheme has given us a greater understanding of cyber threats and we recognise the significant impact a cyber-attack can present.

Achieve your own Cyber Essentials certification

If you are interested in becoming Cyber Essentials certified, AspiraCloud can help you achieve your own certification. Simply get in touch.

Read more about our cyber security services, and how we can advise, plan, design and integrate IT security policies, practices and processes to boost your cyber resilience and protect your most valuable digital assets.