Laying down the law – our first live event of 2021 for the legal industry

Chris McKinley

It’s been a while for many of us, so we were really excited about attending our first, live, in person exhibition of 2021!

Held at Excel London over two days, the LegalEx event focused on new IT trends for the legal industry. With around 1,500 attendees and over 80 exhibitors, LegalEx was the place to reconnect with peers, learn the latest in the legal industry and discover new technology for law firms.

It’s time to talk with the legal industry

The event also featured a great line up of guest speakers including barrister and broadcaster Rob Rinder, who raced over from the GMTV studios to present a compelling session on the legal aid crisis, and we got to hear the President of the Law Society, I. Stephanie Boyce, discussing diversity and inclusion in the legal profession.

Our own Managing Director, Adrian Edgar, also delivered two sessions to a captive audience presenting key cloud strategies as well as featuring on a panel discussion with other industry experts discussing new technologies and top tips for law firms in today’s digital world.

Back at the booth

Back at our exhibition booth, we were showing off our fabulous new banner stands promoting our strategy for building a modern and secure law firm. We also had some top of the range Microsoft Surface devices on display, as well as some funky giveaways and some great case studies, presenting our customer success stories in the legal industry. We also invited guests to join us at our happy hour for a beer and friendly discussion around top trends for law practices.

Microsoft 365 and the first step to removing the VPN

One thing I noticed from talking to people as they visited our stand was just how much of a reaction was garnered from uttering the three letters: “V. P. N.”

Rather than a positive response of, “Oh yes! Our VPN is great, we can connect to our files from anywhere,” I received many exasperated reactions, hearing words such as “slow,” “clunky” and “frustrating” sighed from many visitors. Instantly, I could introduce some of the advantages of using Microsoft 365 and share customer stories of successful cloud migrations with email, files and applications being available securely from any device at any location.

Many visitors were delighted to learn about the secure Microsoft 365 mobile experience, where they can pick up a device and access emails, files and apps as well as make and receive phone calls without a VPN. From the office, home or court room, there’s no need to switch between virtual desktops and local applications or be tied to a single device or desk.

Find out more

If you didn’t get chance to meet us a LegalEx this year – we will be there next year! 

In the meantime, if the three letters “VPN” cause shudders or headaches for you, then it’s time to consider the strategic journey of secure device management, secure Microsoft 365 deployments and trusted digital delivery from AspiraCloud.

Microsoft 365 may be something that is already deployed in your organisation – the recent lockdowns saw adoption rates significantly rise in this powerful platform. Here at AspiraCloud, we help customers get more out of this investment, offering strategic advice, consulting, training and on-going support all whilst getting best value for money.

Get in touch today to see how we can help you build a modern and secure law firm with Microsoft Cloud.