Preparing for AccountEx Summit 2022

Adrian Edgar

On Wednesday 12th October 2022, AspiraCloud will be exhibiting at the AccountEx Summit 2022 in Manchester for the very first time. Whilst we are well versed in working on the Legal sector to support the effective use of Microsoft 365 and Azure, the world of accountancy and their technology needs is something we are keen to understand so that the transferable skills and learning from one professional service can be adopted into another.

Just like any other business, the covid pandemic has required accountancy practices to change and adopt new working practices. From a situation where everyone was working from home to the new hybrid form of work, accountants need to adapt to the same anytime, anywhere working model that we have seen so successfully adopted in the legal and charity sectors.

For this article, let’s look at how Microsoft Office 365 and the Microsoft Cloud are the right suite of applications and platforms to facilitate this massive shift in working practices so your organisation can succeed in the this post covid economy.

Collaborate and share with Microsoft Teams

As colleagues need to make more use of a wide range of tools to interact with co-workers, clients and third party services, the need to adopt a more open approach to online collaboration has become a vital component of every day practice.

Not only to interact with clients and do the normal day job, accountants are expected to share best practice and skills to better perform their tasks, improve efficiency and save on costs.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams provides a one-stop window, allowing the remote worker the same accesses and collaboration experience irrespective of device and platform or work location. Combining the SharePoint storage and online sharing capabilities with the added functionality of scheduling, chat and even public telephony, Teams really is the one-stop application for all collaboration needs.

Free up time

Once your day to day tasks are managed successfully from within the Microsoft cloud, you can guarantee increased productivity and efficiency will follow. That doesn’t mean you can rest on your laurels and watch the business grow around you. Making technology work efficiently for you means that it frees up time for you to dig deeper in to the productivity insights Microsoft Office 365 provides. What trends are you starting to see within the new world of hybrid work, what ways can the technology further help you to improve and adapt?  Can technology really help adapt the way you do business in the future?  We think so!

Look to the future and embrace change

Whilst you may be using some aspects of “IT” within your business, all too often we see organisations sticking to the “known knowns,” and not taking the opportunity to expand further than the mailbox and the office apps to get things done.  How often to organisations look at their IT as something to tolerate, rather than a tool for improvement?

At AspiraCloud, we are all about effortless IT that just works. We firmly belief that professional services organisations like yours can fully adopt a more successful way of working in the cloud, so that you and your business can continue to grow, adapt and evolve in the new world of a post covid and prosperous future.

Visit our stand A8 at the AccountEx Summit 2022, meet the team and discover how the Microsoft Cloud can future proof your practice. If you are unable to attend but would still like to earn more, simply contact us for a chat!