Charity technology myth 8

Deborah Jepson

Learning new technology requires expensive training not in our budget 

This blog series is focussed on dispelling the myths stopping your charity or not for profit organisation from adopting the cloud and enjoying the advantages it has to offer. This is our eighth post in the series from guest writer, Nick Banks, Business Development Manager, Tech For Social Impact at Microsoft, and we are looking at whether the perceived expense of training on new technology is a hindering factor preventing your charity from making the move to the cloud.

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Charity technology myth 8: Learning new technology requires expensive training not in our budget

This is a complete myth. Why? Because Microsoft 365 actually offers a robust training programme at little or no cost for charities. 

Microsoft is focussed on providing charities of all sizes around the globe with both the best technology as well as the skills to harness that technology to increase their impact.

With numerous free and low cost charity-specific courses, demos, and trainings to choose from, including self-paced and instructor-led options on Microsoft 365, Azure, Power Platform, and more, you can ensure your staff get the appropriate training for their needs while you maximise the value from both new Microsoft solutions and those you’re already using. 

Charity technology myth 8

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Hopefully, this article has helped dispel the charity technology myth 8 that learning new technology requires expensive training that is not covered by your budgets.

If you would like to find out more about the training opportunities available to you as a charity, simply contact us today to find out more. In the meantime, take a look at our training services. And don’t forget to look out for our next blog discussing the next myth!