Reflections of our core values

Deborah Jepson

Our Director of Operations here at AspiraCloud, Chris McKinley, presents our seven company values and reviews how they support our customer expectations. 

Back in the summer of 2022, the AspiraCloud team got together in sunny Bournemouth and solidified our company core values. You’ve probably seen all our messaging around our seven TRUSTED values; Trust, Respect, Understanding, Straightforward, Talented, Empowering and Determined.

Having agreed and published a set of key values is all well and good, but for us, these are more than just a set of words arranged in a clever way to spell out a mission statement, it’s an important part of our business relationships – both internally with colleagues and externally with our with customers and partners.

A true reflection

Since then, I wanted to see if the values we talk about are reflected in the feedback we receive from our customers. An important part of the AspiraCloud offer is our Cloud First Support service for Microsoft 365. Cloud First Support is a single supplier IT support contract focused on a “cloud first” approach. It includes access to a bespoke IT help desk and our Microsoft 365 experts, who support hybrid environments to securely manage home and office working as well as remote teaching and learning requirements. When a customer calls on our IT support, we always ask for feedback once the issue has been resolved, as this provides a valuable insight into what our customers really think of our services, and we can see if that matches with our core values. 

Since December 2022 to date, over 1,500 support tickets have been logged and resolved by our Cloud First Support team. We have received hundreds of feedback reports, all of which were 100% positive! We are thrilled!  

I have even taken all the text responses, anonymised the data and fed it into ChatGPT to see what an AI analysis of the data would look like: This is how the feedback was summarised:

  • The data consists of positive feedback on the prompt and efficient service provided by various individuals, including Mariska, Lucas and Hanzala, in resolving problems, providing solutions or offering support. ​​ 
  • The feedback highlights their quick response time, speediness, efficient work, and helpfulness. ​​ 
  • The feedback also mentions how they went above and beyond to solve complex issues, provided proactive advice, and demonstrated excellent professionalism and patience.​

This is a pretty glowing result! It’s fantastic to receive such great feedback, but back to the original point of our core values: Do our interactions with customers on a day-to-day basis reflect our values?  

Well, after a minute of scanning through the above, it is easy to see that the answer is Yes. A straightforward Yes. 

Customer feedback that supports our core values

  • T​rust – Super quick and dug us out of a hole of our own making!​ 
  • Respect – Brilliant service from Mariska and Hanzala as always – patient and informative.​ 
  • Understanding – Hanzala is very patient and excellent / Lucas was excellent – he was speedy, listened, and resolved the problem.​ 
  • Straightforward – ​Efficient and hassle free – thank you​! 
  • Talented – Difficult issue sorted out – good stuff.​ 
  • Empowering – ​Super supportive service​. 
  • Determined – Sage is always complicated and Mariska went above and beyond to sort it out for us. Thank you!​ 

We really appreciate all the feedback we receive from our customers and thank those who have taken the time to share their experiences with us. If you would like to learn more about Cloud First Support for Microsoft 365, simply contact us today.