The importance of cloud backup for Microsoft 365

Deborah Jepson

Why every business needs cloud backup for Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 increasingly powers business productivity.

70% of Fortune 500 companies use Microsoft 365 today and over 60% of the document collaboration market is controlled by SharePoint. That’s a lot of data stored in the Microsoft cloud.

But did you know…Microsoft does not back up data by default?

According to the Microsoft Services Agreement (section b) and the Microsoft Shared Responsibility Model:

 “Microsoft is not liable for any disruption of loss you may suffer as a result…we recommend that you regularly back up your content and data that you store on the services or store using third-party apps and services.”

Every organisation in every industry sector holds vast amounts of valuable data – personal data of children, staff bank accounts and addresses, medical records, and much more. This data is your most valuable asset and needs to be protected.

50% of all sensitive data loss involve human error. Data loss can do irreparable damage to the financials, productivity and reputation of your business.

Cloud Backup Skykick

Boost your back ups

Our partnership with SkyKick enables us to offer our customers a solid cloud backup solution for Microsoft 365.

It is a fast and simple way to restore lost, stolen, corrupted and accidentally deleted data across Microsoft 365. This set-it-and-forget-it cloud backup solution offers stress-free recovery of data across Microsoft Exchange, OneDrive for Business, SharePoint, Microsoft Teams, and more

And with 6 backups every day, this top-tier data protection solution provides complete peace of mind against the damaging impact of data loss on productivity, revenue, reputation, and compliance.

To learn more about the SkyKick cloud backup solution for Microsoft 365, download our free infographic or simply contact us for more details.