CollabDays: Cracking the code of Microsoft 365

Chris McKinley

Unveiling the Secrets of Microsoft 365: A Journey from Bletchley Park to AspiraCloud

Chris McKinley, Operations Director here at AspiraCloud, shares his experience of attending the most recent UK CollabDays event, that took place at the end of September at the National Museum of Computing. Read on to discover what he learnt at this exclusive event:

I recently had the pleasure of attending a CollabDays event held at the National Museum of Computing, Bletchley Park, over in Milton Keynes. Collabdays is a community organised learning day that offers delegates the chance to learn from some of the best Microsoft 365 speakers in the industry.

This one-day event featured a number of different learning tracks, including SharePoint, Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Viva, Microsoft Power Platform, and more. There were some great presentations throughout the day, and I found the sessions on the features of Viva really informative. There was also plenty of time to talk with the speakers and visit the sponsors. A brilliant event.

Of course, I couldn’t really pass up the opportunity when at Bletchley Park NOT to visit the National Museum of Computing! Seeing so many items on display (and in use) brought back lots of memories and accelerated my feelings of getting older!

One thing that really stood out for me was the passion of all the volunteers at the museum, their dedication to explain how things work and the process for restoring these incredible history-defining machines was inspiring. The working replicas of the computers used to break Enigma (Bombe) and Lorenz (Colossus) were built from scratch with miles of wire, hundreds of cogs, gears and custom components without access to original blueprints or hardware. It was really impressive!

Cracking the code of Microsoft 365

This reminds me a lot of Microsoft 365, a collection of parts that when put together the right way can do great things, but on the surface can appear daunting and unapproachable without someone to help navigate the way.

Here at AspiraCloud, we help our customers get the most out of all the moving parts within Microsoft 365, such as Viva, SharePoint, Teams, and Outlook. We help formulate the strategic plan and subsequent implementation, as well as providing user training and support to build an ecosystem that works for your organisation and “crack the code” of how best to use Microsoft 365.

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