Third Party Backup: new feature for Cloud First Support

Deborah Jepson

Extra protection against the damaging impact of data loss

Cloud First Support is AspiraCloud’s IT help desk service, offering customers dedicated support to ensure their IT systems remain reliable, available, secure, and compliant. There are three service levels available: Essentials; Standard and Premium.

We are delighted to announce that we are updating this service for 2024, to include a number of value-add services. The first one will be SkyKick’s additional third-party protection and back up services for Microsoft 365 for both the Cloud First Support Standard and Premium packages. Those choosing the Essentials package will be able to add this back up service as an optional extra if required.

This M365 data protection solution from our partner, SkyKick, protects all business data from permanent loss due to ransomware attacks, malicious deletion, corruption, or human error.

Adrian Edgar, CEO at AspiraCloud explains: “With unlimited back-ups as well as ‘one click restore‘ in case of data loss, SkyKick is a fantastic value-add service to enhance our Cloud First Support offering. It will enable us to offer our customers complete peace of mind against the damaging impact of data loss on productivity, revenue, reputation, and compliance.”

Why do you need Skykick?

In the past, it has been considered that high availability and retention are sufficient to secure your data in M365. Since the end of the pandemic, both Education and Charity users have seen a 75% increase in cyber attacks. In turn, more insurance companies and regulatory bodies are now requiring a third party cloud back up for all organisations. 

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If you would like to learn more about our Cloud First Support or third party back up services, please do not hesitate to get in touch.