Safeguard your tenant, staff & students with Address Book Policies

Deborah Jepson

Swiftly segment and secure your Trust’s global address list

As Multi Academy Trusts rapidly grow, many find themselves with multiple schools operating under one Microsoft 365 tenant, accounting for thousands of students, staff and other educational professionals, all on one single Global Address List (GAL). In order to boost to user safeguarding, schools can introduce Address Book Policies (ABPs). These policies provide an easy way to segment and secure your GAL and are ideal for any organisation that requires multiple GALs.

What are Address Book Policies?

Exchange Online Address Book Policies allow admins to segment users into specific groups and create customised views of the global address list. An ABP will group users into ‘Virtual Organisations,’ where each Virtual Organisation has its own Address List, Global Address List (GAL), Room List, and Offline Address Book (OAB).

Benefits of Address Book Policies

Segmenting your organisation’s global address list into specific groups can both strengthen security while safeguarding users. By segregating your GAL into customised groups, users can only see the address lists and members defined by the Address Book Policy assigned to their mailbox.

Why does my MAT need an Address Book Policy?

Address Book Policies are ideal for Multi Academy Trusts, as student safeguarding is always a top priority. With a number of schools operating under one tenant, it makes sense to introduce multiple GALs, where students, staff or any other users only have access to a specific set of user features on one or more GAL. This means that the MAT can, for example, avoid students from one school seeing students from the other schools in the Global Address List.

Adrian Edgar, CEO at AspiraCloud explains: “We help MATs configure and implement Address Book Policies to segment their GAL and safeguard their tenant, staff and students. From ensuring Staff at School A can only see Students at School A, to Trust Staff seeing all Staff at all Schools, and even confirming Students at School A can’t see any students at all other Schools; we can design and deliver any combination of Address Book Policy for your Trust.”

A fixed price configuration and implementation service

This service is applicable to all organisations looking to segregate communication across different groups of users, no matter the industry. Our Address Book Policy configuration and implementation service is also available at a fixed price, so there are no limitations on the number of users, policies, schools, locations nor any additional extras. It is rapid to roll out to instantly safeguard your tenant, colleagues, staff and students.

If you would like to improve your tenant safeguarding at your Trust, simply contact us today.