Microsoft Stream (Classic) retires!

Chris McKinley

How to migrate to the new Stream before 15 April deadline

Microsoft Stream (Classic) has been winding down for some time now and we are nearly at the point of no return for anyone still with video content stored on the Classic version.

What was Microsoft Stream (Classic)?

Microsoft Stream (Classic) was an enterprise video streaming service for Microsoft 365, but it’s being retired and replaced by a new solution, Stream (on SharePoint). Stream (Classic) will be fully retired on 15 April 2024. This means that you will no longer be able to access, upload, or stream your videos using Stream (Classic) after this date.

What you need to do

There is a relatively smooth migration path from Stream (Classic) to the new Stream (on SharePoint) platform. Microsoft has produced a free to use migration tool to allow IT admins to move existing videos from Stream (Classic) directly into SharePoint and OneDrive and then take advantage of the new Stream (on SharePoint).

It’s a pretty impressive tool where you can expect 1.5-2 TB/day data transfer speeds! Learn more about the new Stream (on SharePoint) and what it can do for your for organisation.

What happens if you take no action? 

When Microsoft closes the service permanently on 15 April, you will lose control of all your Stream (Classic) files and their location.  

How to get started on Stream (on SharePoint)

If you are a Stream user, you need to take action sooner rather than later in order to retain your video files.

AspiraCloud can assist you with the migration process, and help you move all your video content securely to the new platform before the 15th April deadline. Simply contact us now for more details.