Endpoint Management

A modern, secure, and agile approach to device and endpoint management.

Secure access, protect data, manage devices and reduce risk

With more schools and organisations offering a hybrid approach to home working and remote learning, it is vital to know exactly which services your users are accessing on what device and ensuring they are doing so in a secure manner.

Our Endpoint Management services – working with Microsoft Intune – are a cost effective way to secure, deploy, and manage all users, apps, and devices without any disruption to existing processes.

With the ability to monitor and manage your endpoints, including mobile devices, desktop computers, virtual machines, embedded devices, and servers, all from a central location, risks are significantly reduced and security is more robust.

Endpoint Management
What is Microsoft Intune?

Microsoft Intune is a cloud-based endpoint management solution. It manages user access to organisational resources and simplifies app and device management across your devices, including mobile devices, desktop computers, and virtual endpoints. It is designed to keep your data secure both in the cloud and on-premise.

Microsoft Intune
Endpoint Management apps

Intune – the cloud based mobile device management (MDM) platform for managing devices and applications

Configuration Manager – manages device policies and configurations, device restrictions and security. Operating System updates and feature enhancements are also configured here to allow for a consistent approach in this area

Windows Autopilot – to configure and set up new devices out of the box without having to resort to a more traditional ‘Golden Image’

Azure Active Directory – manages identities, authentication, and device enrolment

Desktop Analytics – provides an up-to-date report on device performance and information to help manage compatibility issues, Windows updates and security

Key benefits of Endpoint Management

Increased Security

Provide greater security, monitoring and app updates across a full range of devices. 

Time Savings

Reduce the time and effort IT admins need to manage desktop and mobile work environments.


Remotely roll out policy updates and meet compliance standards. 

Boost BYOD

Protect data and networks while allowing employees to use both corporate and personal devices.

Improved Support

A single view of multi-device users for better end-user support.

Enhanced Analytics

Collect detailed workplace analytics to make smarter decisions.

Greater Visibility

For on-premise and cloud integrated end-user devices.

Drive Productivity

By offering employees a more flexible work space. 


Why choose Endpoint Management?

Endpoint Management for Education

As more and more schools adopt tablet-based teaching methods, it's essential to manage these devices to ensure they're only used for learning. Apply restrictions to disable basic device functionalities such as built-in cameras, restrict access to certain websites and isolate school data from personal data.

Endpoint Management for Businesses

With many organisations allowing employee-owned devices (BYOD) to be used in the workplace and at home, seamlessly manage personal devices and in-house apps while ensuring those devices adhere to your enterprise's security standards. Lock down corporate devices to specific apps and settings to maximise productivity.

Endpoint Management for Not for Profits

Charities, trusts, foundations and public service providers rely on cost effective solutions that deliver value for money. Endpoint management can help reduce the overall cost of device ownership which hits the bottom line.

Endpoint Management for Law Firms

Faced with deadlines, data sensitivities and regulatory requirements on a daily basis, the legal industry can improve compliance and governance, simplify the deployment of new applications and securely support BYOD to drive productivity in or out of the office.

Accelerate your Endpoint Management project

AspiraCloud takes the risk, cost and complexities out of deploying this powerful endpoint management solution on an unlimited number of devices.

A fixed price for complete peace of mind

We like to keep things simple. Which is why we offer a fixed price for the deployment of Microsoft Intune based on a single Microsoft 365 tenancy.

Working with our experienced team of device management specialists, this provides complete peace of mind to your school or business that costs remain controlled and a complex solution, that meets all your security and compliance standards, is delivered risk free by our experts.

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