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Introducing Microsoft Teams Phone

In the era of hybrid working and remote teaching, Microsoft Teams has become a key communications tool for many schools and businesses, using it for chat, file sharing, collaboration, internal phone calls and video conferencing.

While Microsoft Teams is pretty well known, fewer are aware of the Phone add-on. With Microsoft Teams Phone, users now have the ability to make and receive calls directly in Microsoft Teams.

What is Microsoft Teams Phone?

Formerly known as Teams Telephony, Microsoft Teams Phone is described as a modern calling solution that helps organisations easily make and receive outgoing calls from Microsoft Teams, as well as internal ones between colleagues.

This new voice option added to the Teams platform offers the scope to combine Microsoft Teams with a cloud-based phone system to replace an existing PBX.

Teams Phone effectively provides a way to connect your telecoms services to Microsoft Teams, offering the ability to call people outside of your Microsoft 365 tenancy and the flexibility to access your calls from any internet-enabled device.

This all-in-one app enables rich, reliable, and secure calling, where users can make calls to any landline or mobile number, directly from the Teams app.

How does it work?

In simple terms, Microsoft Teams Phone adapts your existing Microsoft Teams application and transforms it into a VoIP phone system, so users can stay connected from their computer, tablet, mobile device, or desk phone.

It replaces traditional PBXs and enables key calling capabilities with a cloud-based call control system that provides the overall telephony workload for Microsoft Teams.

This cloud-based phone system displays your landline number to the call recipient and provides you with all the features you would expect to receive with a traditional phone system. It also includes advanced call management features such as call transfer, multi-level auto attendants, and call queues, allowing you completely replace your current desk phone set up.

Why your organisation needs Teams Phone

Using the internet for voice calls is cost-effective, reliable and scalable.

Working on a single platform means employees can manage their daily work all in one place – from liaising with customers over the phone, holding video conferences with suppliers and syncing calendars, to discussing projects with colleagues using the chat function or sharing files. 


Make internal and external calls using any device, from any location.

Cost Savings

Digital, software-based system reduces need for expensive hardware.


Work smarter with an all-in-one app that combines calling, chat & meetings.


Flexible system available wherever there is an internet connection.


Multi-featured, scalable platform with automatic updates.


Connect using voice, video, chat or messaging.

Reduce Call Costs

Potential for lower call costs.


How AspiraCloud can help

To make and receive external calls via Microsoft Teams, your organisation will need a Microsoft 365 Business Voice license to connect the Microsoft Phone System to the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN). The license will provide you with access to all the features you need to securely make or receive external calls, host video conferences, and more.

As charges are made on a per user license basis, the tariffs can be quite complicated. As a Microsoft Gold partner, we understand these complexities and know how to cost effectively deliver Microsoft-certified calling solutions to help you seamlessly integrate telephony with Microsoft Teams.

Let us help you harness the power of Microsoft’s collaboration tools along with the best of VoIP and video conferencing to improve productivity and drive efficiencies with a Microsoft Teams phone system.

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