Rapidly deploy new devices with Windows Autopilot

Deborah Jepson

AspiraCloud successfully delivers and deploys brand new, secure devices across the UK for the Law Centres Network

In one of our recent news articles, we talked about the addition of five Law Centre members to the national IT project, managed by AspiraCloud on behalf of the Law Centres Network. In real terms, five new centres account for an additional 250 users, representing an increase of approximately 20% to the existing user base. To provide a secure platform for all the users, and in order to make the best use of Microsoft 365, it was also decided to provide brand-new, high-quality laptops, where required, to replace old devices in the Centre.

The success of the Law Centres Network national IT project can be largely attributed to the effective implementation of secure devices, using Microsoft Endpoint Manager. Enabling caseworkers and volunteers from the Law Centres to work securely both from home and in the office has been vital over the past two years during the pandemic. The concept of correctly setting up and managing so many devices to enable secure, anytime working would have been impossible without the use of Microsoft Endpoint Manager. As members are spread all over the UK, it was paramount to find a way to deliver brand new machines and devices, featuring a consistent image and up to date security tools, so users would be able to start work straight away, without having to set up their new device.

Windows Autopilot saves the day

Windows Autopilot is a great feature as part of the device management setup within Endpoint Manager. It allows a Microsoft partner, like us here at AspiraCloud, or an OEM supplier, such as Dell, to pre-register devices in Endpoint Manager so they can be preconfigured in advance with applications and security features right out of the box. This has enabled us to deliver brand new devices directly to the end user, often straight to their home address, where all they have to do is simply plug it in, connect to the Internet, log in with their Office 365 credentials and they are good to go. There has been no requirement to build a golden image or unpack the devices beforehand and the entire process requires minimal intervention from the AspiraCloud Technical Support team. 

The Autopilot feature, as part of Microsoft Endpoint Manager, continues to improve in many ways. In the past, if we wanted to register a previously used device, this would require a series of PowerShell commands to harvest the unique hardware identity of the device before registering it in Azure Active Directory. The latest incarnation of this technology now allows the technician to run a short script that automatically collects the required information and registers the device in Autopilot in one quick process, as well as Azure Active Directory, effectively treating the device in the same way as a brand new one. This new process has allowed several of the Law Centres to completely remove on premises Active Directory from the equation, and therefore make even more cost savings by no longer needing to keep a server running for managing devices. This entire process is 100% cloud-based, end user driven and managed by the skilled technicians at AspiraCloud. All thanks to Microsoft Endpoint Manager and the great features of Windows Autopilot.

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